Pool Rental: 

Hello Coaches. 

At Pine Crest, we have everything you need to host a training camp. We can help your team arrange pool rental times and hotels. Let us make your training trip easier to arrange. Please Contact Swimming@pinecrest.edu for more information. 

Pool reservation:

Each Day you rent our facility your team is given 2 X 2 hour practices. We generally allot for one practice to be short course yards and the other practice to be long course meters. If you would like ONLY short course yards or ONLY long course meters, please let us know and we will try to accommodate for your team. 

Hotel Reservation: 

We work with a couple of hotels in the area and receive the best rates. All the hotels are within a few miles from our campus.


1) Westin Hotel

2) Sheraton Suites at Cypress Creek  

3) Surfside Motel ( with kitchenette )