Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which camp is right for my child?

A. Our camps are structured to meet the needs of a variety of swimmers. Please view our camp information page to learn about our camps or to compare camps.

Q. Who will coach my child at camp?

A. Most of our coaches are members of our year-round club program or lessons program. We also invite coaches from around the world who will bring a unique perspective on swimming to our camp.

Q. Is my child a good enough swimmer to come to camp?

A. Most swimmers who have some competitive experience will be accepted to our competitive day camp and our competitive overnight camp. We will consider a swimmer’s ability, experience and desire before accepting a swimmer. We will not accept swimmers who are in need mostly for swimming lessons. If your child is a beginning swimmer, please consider our Rising Stars Day Camps, located at both the Fort Lauderdale and Boca Raton campuses.

Q. Is my child supervised 24 hours a day?

A. Yes, campers are always supervised by our staff. Our coaches and counselors live in residence with the campers. Our staff escorts the campers on all their trips to and from campus, and on all off-campus trips. All activities are supervised by our staff.Q. How are swimmers put into groups at camp?A. Swimmers are typically grouped by age and ability. On the first day of camp, we hold a "get to know you" session in the pool. This is our first chance to see the swimmers in the water. We will then decide which in-water training group is most suitable for them. We also keep their age-group in mind, to make sure they will enjoy the group they are placed in.

Q. What are the room types the swim camp uses?

A. Our partner-hotel suites have two double beds and a pull out bed in each suite. 

Q. How are swimmers assigned roommates at camp?

A. Roommates are assigned first by gender, and then by age. We do allow roommate requests, and do our best to match up friends that want to room together. We work to put the campers in rooming situations that are most comfortable and appropriate for them.

Q. Will my child have the same roommate at camp the entire time?

A. We cannot promise that your child will have the same roommates for their entire camp stay. Individual campers’ lengths of stay varies. Rooms are "reassigned" on Sundays. We make every effort to keep rooms the same, although new roommates might come in and out with the start of each session.

Q. Will my child have the same counselor the entire time at camp?

A. We will make every effort to keep your swimmer with the same counselor while at camp. Some counselors’ schedules may also include swim meets and potential travel to swim meets. It is possible that your swimmer may start camp with one counselor, and then finish camp with a different counselor.

Q. Are there meets my child can compete while at camp?

A. Yes, if you would like your child to participate in a meet, please contact our office. Meets depend upon our local LSC meet schedule and our club team schedule.

Q. If my child swims at meets while at camp, are they still served their camp meals?

A. Swimmers swimming at meets should plan on buying meals on their competition days. We will make every effort to return meet swimmers to campus for their meals, but in the event of a conflict, the swimmer will need to purchase their own food. Meet swimmers often prefer to go back to the hotel and order take-out or delivery so they can rest after competing. Please budget for this in your camper account.

Q. If my child comes to multiple weeks of camp, will the training be repetitive or will it be different?

A. No, the training will not completely repeat. Our lectures will be different, and our training sessions will be different too. Our evening activities, however, may be similar from week to week.

Q. If we are traveling with our child from out of state, are there hotels in the area families may stay at? Can the camp help us with our reservations?

A. Yes, there are hotels in the area. Pine Crest Swimming has established relationships with several hotels in the area, and we may be able to secure you a better rate than you could secure on your own. If you will be travelling to Fort Lauderdale, please let us help you arrange your hotel accommodation.

Q. What meals are Rising Star and Competitive Swimming Day Campers served?

A. Rising Star and Competitive Swimming Day campers will receive a morning snack after their workout, and then lunch during the day. They will not receive breakfast or dinner.

Q. Do I need to pay for the Wednesday camp trip in addition to my camp fees?

A. The costs of a day trip are deducted from your camper escrow account. The camper account is set up at the start of your camp week(s) specifically to pay for trips and other items not covered by your camp fees.

Q. What happens if my swimmer does not want to go on the weekly camp trip?

A. Campers who don’t want to attend the weekly camp trip will stay on campus during the day and follow the Competitive Day Camp schedule. They will train twice as normal, although possibly at different training times.

Q. What should I pack for camp?

A: Click below for a list to help you pack!

If you have any other questions or concerns please don not hesitate to contact our Fort Lauderdale office at 954-492-4173; Boca Raton office at 561-852-2825.